Invited international symposiums:

My first International symposium was spent making lifelong friendships. It was a very productive two weeks where we were set a task to create unique functional ware for an up and coming chef for an 11 course banquet he was commissioned to create for dignitaries from the area. I worked with local materials in a ceramic factory with 16 other international ceramicists. It was a wonderfully rich experience where I learned several new ways to work.

The 13 day Symposium with ceramics Masters Vincent Kempenaers and Inita Reimandova is conceptually based in on the notion of clay as a justified art value with a unique role in the processes of preparing and serving food. Contemporary aspects to the content of the Symposium are added by the fact that nowadays with the development of culinary practices it is difficult to draw a border between art and food.

July 2016
Clay Meal Group show international symposium in clay, Vaidava, Latvia

12 international sculptors were selected to create work for an exhibition in Antalya University and held in their permanent collection. We were assisted by 30 ceramics students. This was a life changing experience where I was lucky to be involved in the creation of a large wood fired kiln that is famous all over the world for its unique characteristics. It was here that I fired my first wood fired work. A highlight was our walk through the remains of the ancient city of Olympos on our daily trip to swim at the beach at Antalya.

June 2018
International Ceramic Symposium Olympos, Antalya, Turkey.

Rauf Ersenal a historian and wonderfully talented ceramicist had a vision to create life sized sculptures to represent the found objects collected in a bronze age burial chamber in his hometown in Vonous. I was lucky enough to be one of the invited artists to create a piece for the outdoor museum he is building. I learned new techniques in coil building, it was my first life sized figurative work, something that I want to integrate into my future work.

Sept 2018
International Ceramic Symposium Vounous, Northern Cyprus

Along with other artists from 7 countries, I was invited to attend this event; create new artwork during the symposium and exhibit my work at the National History Museum Nabeul. Visiting vibrant cities in Tunisia was an unforgettable experience. Exploring new materials and gaining new techniques from ceramicist who were fourth and fifth generation ceramicists was a life changing experience and supported new ways of working in my studio.

June 2019
Jeleen Arts Centre Tunisia 3rd Euro-Mediterranean International Symposium Nabeul, Tunisia

This symposium was intended to promote development of contemporary ceramic art, integrating it with the deep tradition of Romanian ceramics. We were situated 10 minutes from the famous 5,500 BC burial chamber of Cucuteni; a great mystery to this day and an influence for the finished pieces. Working with artists from Iran, Turkey, Russia, Hungry, China and Romania was an eye opener on how to work through complex ideas to final large scale works that would sit in the outdoor setting at the sculpture garden at the art center. The local food was presented as a daily feast; decorated like fine art pieces, along with great local wine and delicious honey. A trip I hope to take again in the near future.

Aug 2019
Cucuteni Arts Centre Romania Human International Symposium