Protecting the environment has been a lifelong passion for me; I am a member of Cork Environmental Forum, Blue and Green Community Youghal and Cork Nature Network and volunteer with other groups in the city such as Friends of the Glen and The Green Spine. I have always been an avid beach cleaner and eco activist.

I have created an Eco Awareness project that has been supported by local and national authorities in the way of grants to deliver my workshops. I work to educate and inform communities on best practices in the area of local and global environmental protection actions.Teaching has always been an important part of my creative life. Sharing ideas with others, and passing on skills and techniques, is something that I enjoy.
Research on the therapeutic benefits of working clay are vast, I offer Creative Clay workshops to community groups and one on ones. My workshops are more therapy focused than technically based, all works are high fired and are either functional or decorative depending on the theme.

In my workshop we focus on the benefits of Reuse and Recycle and we use found objects to create texture and surface decoration on the clay, and address ways to replace plastic with clay as a benefit to the environment.

Arts in Health workshops

I collaborate on arts in health workshops with other teachers one being Sarah Fox a wonderful yoga teacher and conducts ceremonies in accordance with the Celtic Wheel of the Year. Together we offer both a healing and creative space for self expression where we focus on Irish folklore and Mythology.

Soon to come Kids workshops

Children’s workshops will offer a creative space for children to add a 3d sculptural object to the book they are currently reading at school and also themed workshops related to a variety of aspects of nature. We will use all the basic hand building techniques in this class slab building, coil building and pinch pot making. This addresses the benefits of hand to eye coordination and a wonderful calming way to work. Air Dry clay and fired clay will be used in these workshops.

2 Hour class