My Story

I have always been captivated by clay and grew up on a farm in East Cork where I was happiest walking on the open earth. I have been fascinated by colourful ceramic heirlooms in the home since childhood, little utilitarian pieces that would have been kept on the top shelf out of harm’s way, pottery is a reflection of our reality, our fantasies and a celebration of who we are. I work mainly in porcelain, it is an exceptionally sensitive material yet once fired its strength and durability is easily seen.

I wasn’t always a ceramicist, I am a trained decorator and painter. I grew a successful business in Boston for many years until I returned in 2002. I received my BA Hons from MUT Crawford College of Art and Design in 2007 and studied for two more years to gain my Art Facilitation certificates.

I am interested in ceramic work that is elegant: beautiful objects with meaning that decorate our living and working spaces and bring joy to our daily lives. I hand build my work and find sculptural work the best method to convey a message and to express my ideas.